PRE-SALE | Custom Acrylic Calligraphy Christmas Ornament

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of the year and I'm so excited to say that Custom Christmas Ornaments are back (!!!) and are on sale until November 6th AND shipping is free.


PRE-SALE | lasts until November 6th. Ornaments ordered until that date will be completed & shipped during the second/third week of November.


Price Includes: Flat Acrylic Ornament, Calligraphy of 1-4 words (Names, A name or two & a date, or something like “Baby's First Christmas”, “The Kinlin's, est. 2018” etc!)


Ink Colour Options: Black, White, or Gold.

Ribbon Colour Options: Black or White

Ornament Dimensions: Flat Acrylic Circles with small hole for a ribbon, 2.5” Diameter.

Custom Calligraphy Acrylic Ornament