Hi! I'm Victoria.

I am a self-taught watercolour and calligraphy artist from Guelph, Ontario. Most days you can find me cozied up in my home studio with a pup at my feet and coffee in my hand.

But when I'm not painting or making a mess with all of my craft, Pinterest inspired projects (I need to try everything once), you can find me hanging out with my sweet little family. My idea of the perfect dinner is .... honestly anything, I love food.

A few tidbits about me:

one- at university, I studied International Development Studies and have a serious love and fascination of the global food system. During my third year, I moved to Ecuador to study and had a field placement. If you have never been to Ecuador- go now. Saying it's beautiful is an understatement. I hope to go back with my love one day.
two- when I was younger, I would not leave my house without wearing purple. Like throw a fit, not leaving the house until I wear my dang purple. My Oma even bought this glorious gold bar chair with a PURPLE plush velvet seat. She says it was because I was basically royalty. 
three- I cannot just walk down a street and not say hi to a dog.Don't you fret- I always ask if I can say hi or pet first. It doesn't help that my boy Wiley is the most friendly and wants to say to everyone too. You can find my sweet goofy Wire-Haired Vizsla at @oldmanwiley on Instagram. 

Photography by Painted White Photography